HR Advice

Do you have a situation that you are not sure how to handle? Before you act, call or email us. We provide a hotline or email service to our members so if you need support with a workplace incident or just need someone to guide you through what your needs are to maintain compliance with the current Employment Legislation or Awards HR Assistance Australia we can assist you with this. You can also take out a monthly subscription which allows you to phone or email anytime 24/7 for advice. 

Award interpretation

Navigating through the awards can be daunting. Are you using the correct award for your business? We can assist you to work out your award and provide you with a simple table outlining the terms and conditions of your award. 


We can support your recruitment processes from writing your job description, advertisement, screening applicants, scheduling interviews, conducting reference checks through to making the offer and preparing the contracts. We can run the full end to end process or just a part of it. Whatever your needs are we can accommodate them. 

HR Policies, Procedures and Documentation

It is important to ensure you have robust policies and procedures not only to protect your business but ensure that you have a set of guidelines outlining your company rules and requirements. You can start with a basic suite of policies/procedures and work up to a full suite. 

Some of these include: 

  • Bullying & Harassment policy
  • Workplace Health & Safety policy
  • Leave policy - annual, sick, parental and long service
  • Code of Conduct policy
  • Use of email, internet and social media policy
  • Equal opportunity policy
  • Drug & alcohol policy
  • Employee Handbook 
  • Performance Management - annual reviews, probation reviews, performance improvement plans
  • Return to work
  • Complaint/grievance procedures
  • Induction procedures
  • Disciplinary & Termination policy and procedures
  • Redundancy procedures 
  • Learning and Development procedures

Workplace Investigations

Investigations need to be conducted promptly when an incident arises. Delaying an investigation may be perceived as not being taken seriously. Any allegation of sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation, inappropriate behaviour or a breach of safety must be investigated thoroughly. This can be extremely time consuming and also very difficult if you have a small close working relationship with your team. We can conduct a confidential, independent investigation and provide you with a report including recommendations on what to do and how to reduce the risk or recurrence.   

Risk Management

Through our HR Health Check we can identify areas that are at risk in your business. We will work with you to put measures in place to ensure you maintain compliance with workplace legislation and manage your workplace health and safety risks.  

We will also assess your record keeping and ensure you maintain compliance. 



Coaching and Training

We cover a range of coaching and training programs from working closely with you in a coaching capacity to grow and develop your business and manage your employees, to conducting in house training sessions for your employees and managers such as: 

  • Bullying and Harassment training
  • Sexual Harassment training
  • Recruitment training for Managers
  • Conducting effective performance reviews
  • How to conduct a workplace investigation. 

Workforce Planning, Restructuring and Redundancies

We work with you to review your workforce and plan for current and future growth requirements. We can assess your current structure and your team's skills; compile a gap analysis and develop a plan to bring those skills required to your business through development of skills & /or introduction of new employees. 

You may need to rationalise your workforce to meet a downturn of business. This may result in redundancies and it is important to handle these appropriately and with compassion for those employees affected by the changes. We will guide you through the process to ensure compliance with legislation and support your employees through the process. 

Unfair or Unlawful Dismissals

One of the biggest concerns for business today is an unfair or unlawful dismissal case being brought against them. This not only can be a costly experience for your company but it can be very stressful and disruptive to your business. We can guide you through a step by step process to avoid this happening to your business. If you have already been served with a dismissal case we can handle the full process for you or alternatively guide you through and assist you with the documentation and what to expect from the Fair Work Ombudsman mediation. 

Employee and Industrial Relations

Conducting performance and disciplinary management discussions must be done in a structured manner. Not following a fair process can land you in front of the Fair Work Commission justifying your actions. We can help you work through disciplinary issues, bullying and harassment cases, EBA Negotiations, prepare documentation for Fair Work Conciliations, guide you or represent you in all Industrial or Employee Relations matters. 

Employment Contracts or Contractor Agreements

An employment or contractor agreement is a legal binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment. These can be in the form of casual, permanent part-time or full time permanent. Also contractor agreements can also be used to engage an independent contractor but these must be managed very carefully as there are stringent rules around who is and who is not classified as a contractor. It is not as simple as having an ABN and issuing an invoice. Contact us if you currently have contractors working in your business and we can assess if they are legally compliant. 

Working with us

No matter how big or small your business is; no matter what your issue is - we are happy to work through these with you. Contact us today!